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Author:  Alpha dilophosaurus [ Sun Sep 30, 2007 20:43 pm ]
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Yes, I am sure it is saved there, as I can play it in game

Author:  Triceratops [ Sun Sep 30, 2007 21:44 pm ]
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Alpha, with the boosterpack you got 2 map folders. Second is data\boosterpack1\maps...\multiplayer.

Author:  Jurassic Parker [ Sun Sep 30, 2007 21:54 pm ]
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Do you have set the game mode on "Multiplayer"?

Info/Game Settings

Author:  Alpha dilophosaurus [ Sun Sep 30, 2007 22:29 pm ]
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The map is set to multiplayer, and it is in the original multiplayer maps folder.

Author:  Scrat [ Mon Oct 01, 2007 12:43 pm ]
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Hmm... strange.
Send me the map, i`ll try to find the bug.

Author:  Triceratops [ Mon Oct 01, 2007 18:24 pm ]
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Scrat and JP, you are wrong. He is not talking about Paraworld but So it´s not about set to multiplayer.

Alpha, I write you a Private Message including my email adress. Then I will check and upload it. Usually if someone wants to release his map here on the board, one opens a thread called like the map´s name. You should do this here (Maps section) and I will upload the file and put the link into your post. Good idea? ;-)

Author:  Scrat [ Mon Oct 01, 2007 18:31 pm ]
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Here really should be a Map-Collecting Thread :roll:

Alpha what`s the name of the map?

Author:  Alpha dilophosaurus [ Tue Oct 02, 2007 0:50 am ]
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Okay, I'll put it in a zip file and send it to you when I get around to it. I'm kinda busy. :wink:

And I haven't really gotten a good name for it yet. So far, I have named it "Suprise encounters," because part of the theme is two clans meeting on an island without previous knowledge of eachother being there, and having a scout they send out meeting up with another scout and both of them attacking eachother, leading the two clans into a war.

Oh, and this isnt the ruins and traps map I mentioned earlier.

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